Molecular Systematics   Understanding how biological diversity is originated is the central question in Evolutionary Biology. We are interested in determining the amount of genetic variation associated to speciation events and its relationship to morphological and behavioral differentiation. We want to establish robust phylogenetic frameworks onto which discuss morphological and behavioral adaptation, as well as the historical generation of current biogeographical patterns and the assembling of ecosystems. We are currently focused mainly on gastropod systematics but he have studied in the past phylogenetic relationships of controversial groups of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles. We are currently based our phylogenetic inferences on complete mitochondrial genome sequence data but we would like to use in the near future next-generation sequencing technologies.  Molecular Evolution   We are interested in the study of mitochondrial and nuclear sequence variation. Our research in this field includes the evolution of gene families, model selection, positive selection, the causes underlying incorrect phylogenetic inferences, etc. Although our approach is largely empirical, we are developing a strong interest in the theory of evolutionary analysis of amino acid and nucleotide sequences.